Thursday, June 9, 2011

Storing Bows

Lots of people ask me how I store my daughter's hairbows.

When she was first born, I had a cute basket on the dresser that held the bows,

then I made more bows...

So I got a bigger basket,

then I made more bows...

We had SO many bows that they were getting all squished in the baskets.

So I got my creative juices flowing...

I took a plastic hanger from her closet,

cut 4 long strips of ribbon,

folded them over the bottom part of the hanger,

hot glued them to the hanger so the ribbons didn't slide,

and then hot glued the ends together.

Then I began the overwhelming job of clipping on all

325+ hairbows that my daughter has.

If you have closet space,

this is a great option because it allows you to see all the bow options

and they don't end up getting squished in a basket or bin.

One other tip...

When we travel, I roll up strips of paper towels

and put them in the bow loops so they don't get squished.

Then they don't look like they've been in a suitcase for hours.

I also put the bows in a tupperwear container in my suitcase -

this gives them extra protection from other items in the suitcase.

Notice in the above picture -

I removed the bows from the far right ribbon so you could see how it was made.

~ bow makin' mom, kristen

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  1. Holy moly, that's a lot of bows! Can't wait to buy a boatload from you for Stella!