Please tell me:
1.  Type of bow(s)
2.  Colors
3. Type of clip
4. Any special requests/instructions

***I have either alligator clips or clasps (clasps come in 1.5 in. or 2.25 in.). If you do not specify clip type, all bows will come with alligator clip.

Above:  example of alligator clip.
Above:  example of clasps.  Top clasp is 1.5 in. and bottom clasp is 2.25 in.

All bows can be any colors or prints so be creative as you order.  I can custom make each hairbow to match certain materials/outfits or I can make a more simple hairbow so it matches several outfits.  I enjoy custom making the bows so tell me what you're looking for and we can make it!  I can add any notion, rhinestone or tulle to any bow - just ask!  I have several moms who bring their daughters' new seasonal waredrobe to my house or email me pictures at the beginning of the new season so I can custom make bows for each outfit.  So much fun!!!

DEAL: On orders OVER $40, you will receive a coupon for "buy 2 - get 1 free" at a later date.

Cash or Check Only - checks made out to Kristen Kocher.

Some examples of matching bows and outfits...