{b is for bow}

Different hairbows for different occassions...

1 Layer Pinwheel or Butterfly Bows ~
(above are all Pinwheel bows)
Sm. {$4}
Lg. {$6}

2 Layer Pinwheel or Butterfly Bows ~
(Butterfly Bows above are: blue polka dot bow, pink/brown polka dot bow, and hot pink polka dot bow with curlies. Pinwheel Bows above are: hot pink and zebra bow, stripes yellow and hot pink bow, brown flower bow with pink curlies, and brown polka dot bow.)
* No small Pinwheel or Butterfly Bows are shown.
Sm. {$5}
Lg. {$7}

3 Layer Pinwheel or Butterfly Bows ~
(Above are Butterfly bows except the purple tulle and green polka dot one which is both a Butterfly and Pinwheel bow.)
Sm. {$6}
Lg. {$8}

Swirl Bows ~
Sm. {$5}
Lg. {$6}
Pom-Pom Bows ~
(Made from material to match outfit or ribbon.)

Initial Bows ~

Korker Bows ~
Sm. {$4}
Md. {$6}
Lg. {$8}

Tulle Bows ~

Ponytail Streamer ~

Stacked Bows ~

Clippies ~
(Options:  Bow clip, Caterpillar clip, Butterfly clip, and Lollipop clip. 
Also available but not shown are regular covered clips.)

Infant Headband ~
(Color options: black or white)
* Great for newborns! 
* Can attach different hairbows to this headband because of ribbon hook. 
(Measures about 14 inches in diameter when stretched.)

Lace Headband ~
(Color options: black or white)
(Ribbon hook allows you to clip on different hairbows.)

Sm. Headbands ~
(Also available in brown, black, red and hot pink)
(1 1/2 inch wide)
* Great for cuddly babies!

Lg. Headbands ~
(Also available in white, brown, black, red and light pink)
(2 1/2 inches wide)
* Great for older girls!

Crocheted Headband for a Mommy ~
Special Made Bows to Match Outfits ~

Pigtail Bows ~
(Any bow can be made as pigtail bows therefore the price depends on the type of bow you choose.)
***  PIGTAIL DEAL:  $2 off the total price of the pigtail bows. (For example - the above bows are small 2 layer pinwheel bows, therefore the total for 2 of them would be $10 but with the pigtail deal, the total is $8.)
Prices for bows in above picture: each set is $8