Saturday, February 19, 2011

~Fashionable Winter Hats~

We're still having quite the teeth-chattering, cold winter here in Ohio. I began making these cute winter hats for my daughter this year. I love how I can add a fashionable bow or flower to the hat which adds a little cuteness. If we're gonna be bundled up from head- to-toe, might as well make it fun! The best part is that I just took bows or flower clips that we already had and clipped them on, that way we could switch it up depending on the coat or outfit she was wearing.
And here's a little secret between you and me... I even made a hat for myself and I "borrow" a crocheted flower clip from my daughter every once in a while to embellish my hat.

You can find these hats under "winter wear" on the blog.

~waiting for spring

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